Hello from the organizer (Jina Anne), along with logistical announcements, and an introduction to the emcee.

Emcee (Una Kravets) will give some insight and thoughts for the day, before introducing the first speaker.

Day 1 Unedited Transcript

Jina Anne:

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Clarity.



Super excited that everyone's here. I do have a couple of things I want to say before we bring Una up. Huge thank you to our sponsors, envision, ux, GitHub, Plangrid, GitHub, highland park, Roosevelt, Smashing Magazine. Thank all these awesome sponsors who helped make this happen, so give them a hand.



And then I'll pull this up real quick. Sorry. I'm a little frazzled right now. Really quickly, I just wanted to say, we do have a code of conduct, it's on the website, but you know, we're dedicated to providing harassment free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity, expression, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, technology choices. So we don't tolerate harassment. Conference participants, in any form. And we will act on that if we need to do. If you want to read the code of conduct, it is on the website.

So, unfortunately, Amélie is ill, couldn't make it. I was going to step in for her, but it turns out, I've been so frazzled, Susanna's going to fill in instead. Thank you for doing that. Without further ado, I'm going to introduce our emcee, Una Kravets.


Una Kravets:

Hi, everyone. How are you? That's not enough energy. Can I get you amped up?

This is so big. I'm just going to run around for a second. Okay. So, a quarter of you. The rest of you here are at Clarity for the first time. This is an awesome community and I want to keep Jina mentioned the code of conduct. Please find it online, please read it. Respect people's time and value time. Not everyone gets to come to conferences, so make the most of this. Take notes, take schedules. Make friends. I made a lot of friends. Conferences are great places. So, really just value your time here, focus on the talks, learn from the speakers. If you like the talks, tell the speakers that you like their talk. Be inspired by them. If you don't like their talks, we don't need to hear negativity.

Don't be shy. Take selfies with people.

They've been around for a long time. We're here talking about digital systems, which are kind of new, they're very hot right now. And, a lot has changed, it's more complexed, design systems are complex. We're going to hear about the complexity and how to manage the people you're working with. So, to start on a lighter note, I'd like to play a little song that I wrote that I have been working on Design Systems so hopefully we can all relate to it. If you want to follow along with the lyrics I couldn't get them on the screen, but I did put them online. You go to Una.im/Clarityintro.com and, you can find lyrics online. You don't have to sing along but I wouldn't mind if you did.

So, while you're doing that, I also want to mention there's a hashtag, #clarity2017. If you tweet anything, use that hashtag. We'll be using a Q&A after all the talks with speakers, so if you have questions during the talk, feel free to ask them on Twitter and maybe not ask them on stage.

So, feel free to tag those with #clarity2017.

Hello? I'll speak closer to the mic. All right. So, again, feel free to ask questions. Also, take photos. We have a couple of books to give away. So, if you take cool photos of patterns if you make patterns and hashtag them #clarity2017, you could win some books. I have some great book sponsors.

So, without further ado. I just learned how to play in March, so don't have high expectations. Thank you.

(Ukulele performance)



Thank you. I'm glad no one had high expectations.

Day 2 Unedited Transcript

Coming soon…