Veda Rosier

Veda Rosier
Senior Product Manager

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Founder of Clarity


Veda is the Senior Product Manager for Spectrum, Adobe’s Design System.  She is responsible for product and operational strategy, for the design language and the federated ecosystem delivering the cross-platform implementations, including DNA, Web, iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.  Spectrum supports 130+ internal product teams building across each of these platforms, serving both flagship and next gen products that serve up user experiences ranging from creative tools to personalized, omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Prior to joining Adobe, Veda led a team of product managers at AT&T who redefined critical B2B digital experiences.  That effort led to a unique design system evolution that was driven by the need for a pragmatic approach to software development, including a reusable component library.  Inspired by the results of consistency in user experiences, improved time to market, and improved team morale, Veda became an advocate for evangelizing the evolving domain of design system.