Design Tokens That Win Friends and Influence People



Nov 9, 2022
9:00 am
4:30 pm
Central (UTC-6)
Sheraton New Orleans

Establishing a design token approach for an organization needs to be facilitated as much as it needs to be architected. It's not just a technical exercise involving design and code tools; instituting design tokens needs to be a strategic endeavor for it to last and grow. Dan Mall has helped enterprise organizations like Eventbrite, Nike, Compass, United Airlines, The Girl Scouts, ExxonMobil, and more arrive at deep-rooted agreements with all the facets of design systems. He'll teach how you can do it too in this fun and informative workshop!

Why you should attend

Using design tokens within a design system is like pouring gasoline on a fire. If you want to really maximize consistency across your company, design tokens are to your design language what design systems are for your user interfaces.

Who should attend

  • Designers, engineers, and product managers who work day-to-day with design decisions for digital products
  • Design, engineering, and product leads and directors who manage teams and design decisions that need to scale to the needs of an entire organization
  • Design token beginners and experts alike are welcome! This workshop will start at an introductory level and progressively get into intermediate-level design token topics.

What you’ll learn

  • A thorough understanding of what design tokens are and how they can be used at an organization and within a design system
  • How to architect and socialize design decisions in a way that sticks
  • How to inventory and consolidate disparate design decisions across an organization
  • How to design a system of systems with tokens that manage the right level of flexibility for use
  • The state of tooling for design tokens

Sketch Notes

Design Tokens That Win Friends and Influence People