Designing a Git Workflow

December 10, 2018 9:30 AM
Hotel Eventi

Git, the widely popular version control tool that just about everyone who works on the web seems to use, is powerful, scalable, flexible. . .and difficult to learn. Whether you are a Git newbie or a seasoned user, you’ve probably encountered some confusing, frustrating, or downright terrifying situations. But don’t panic. You are not alone!

In this workshop, Katie Sylor-Miller, the creator of, will cover the basics of Git: what it does, how to use it, how to avoid getting yourself into a mess, and how to get out of one if you do.

We'll go over how the fundamental structures in Git and how it all works under the hood, we'll get our hands dirty to understand what all those confusing terminal commands actually do, we'll learn about best practices, workflows, and tools that will keep your commits in order and reduce the panic caused by merge conflicts. And of course, Katie will show how to leverage Git’s powerful features to save yourself from those "Oh, Shit!" moments.

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