Before contacting, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

The event is at capacity

  • We cannot sell any more tickets unless someone cancels and you're next on the waitlist.
  • There are no more student/nonprofit discounts to give.
  • We are unable to accept new sponsorships unless you’re willing to do so without complementary tickets for this year (because we are at capacity) 
  • The application for scholarships and volunteers ended in August and we are not accepting new requests.
  • No, we are unable to honor admission if you just show up. You must be a registered attendee.
  • The workshops are not included in the conference tickets. And the conference is not included in the workshop tickets. You need to have purchased a separate ticket for both.
  • We passed the deadline for refunds. Tickets can be transferred until November 26th 8am PST.

We’re all set on help/speakers

  • We already have a sketchnoter, videographers, a transcriber, and a photographer.
  • We already have lots of awesome volunteers. The application for volunteers ended in August.
  • We do not accept talk submissions. We are not looking for speakers.All speakers are invited and announced.

Future Events

  • Yes, we plan to have more conferences and workshops in the future, and are looking at adding new locations.
  • Yes, we’ll be looking for sponsors, but we’re not ready to chat yet about that until #clarity2017 is done. 🤗

Still have a question?

If these items do not cover your question or reason for contacting, then please feel free to send us a message! 🙂 Thank you!

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