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All speakers are personally invited by the event founder, Jina Anne. Speakers are selected based on what they find interesting for the design systems community during that time. There is not a CFP (Call for Proposals) process. There are also no sponsored presentations. However, you may suggest a speaker for a future event. Note that this does not guarantee a speaking engagement. It just puts people on our radar for consideration for future events.

Before suggesting a speaker, please check out our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion page to learn more about our selections.

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Clarity loves speakers!

We love our speakers and do our best within our means to take care of them. Here are some of the things we offer to all of our speakers:


  • All speakers are offered an honorarium. The amount is the same whether you’re a brand new, inexperienced speaker, or a seasoned Keynote speaker. Everyone is offered the same amount.
  • Sometimes a speaker chooses to waive their honorarium. When this happens, we let them choose whether it goes to the Scholarship Fund, or to use it to help run the event.

Travel & accommodations

In-Person Events

  • For speakers who need a place to stay, hotel is provided for the nights before and during the event.
  • For speakers who need flights, trains, buses, or other methods of transportation, the speaker can choose whether they want reimbursement or to have us do their bookings for them.
  • Local transportation receipts can also be turned in and added to the invoice for reimbursement.

Online Events

  • For speakers who need to travel for recording their talks, we can cover or reimburse any travel-related costs.
  • We also take care of costs associated with recording and editing the presentation.


We used to give special gifts (the first few years we gave reprints of iconic and vintage graphic standards manuals from the midcentury area, as well as an exclusive garment (scarves, socks, hats, shirts, etc). However, in favor of a more meaningful gift that won't go in the trash, we now offer a self-care reimbursement for spas, yoga, salons, therapy, etc. Treat yourself!

Speaker reception

For in-person events, a speaker reception the night before the conference with tasty food and beverages. This lets the speakers all get to know each other and get their badges and swag bags in advance.

For online-only events, we try to keep things fun during an online event, though we know it's not quite the same as an in-person reception.

Discounted pass to future Clarity events

All speakers can attend future Clarity events at a discounted price. We will mail out a discount code to everyone we are still in touch with, but if you missed the email and previously spoke, reach out to get your discount.

Special requests

If speakers need childcare, accessibility-related accommodations, or any other reasonable special requests, they can be provided.