Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Code of conduct

When the first event was planned for 2016, the first thing we put up was a Code of Conduct. We knew it was important to have one. Unfortunately, we just put up the boilerplate most everyone uses, because we thought it well-written. Thanks to some thoughts by Karolina Szczur, we know now that this wasn't enough.

So we’ve now written our own, though it still is largely inspired by the previous one we had copied and pasted. But it now is in our own words, and addresses how it’s enforced.

View the latest Code of Conduct.

Speaker selections

We wrote up in detail about Jina’s approach to selecting speakers.


Learn more about Accessibility at Clarity.


Starting with the second year, we began a scholarship.


Students or people who work at non-profits can request a discount by contacting from their organization’s or school’s email. There can be other factors in requesting a refund; these are given out on a case-by-case basis if the reason makes sense.

Badge customization for preferences

At registration for in-person events, we offer three badge lanyard colors to choose from to indicate your choice:

  • Do not take video or a photograph of me
  • Ask, before taking a video or photograph of me
  • Feel free to take a video or photograph me!

We ask that all photographers, videographers, and attendees respect this.

We will also provide stickers so you can add your pronouns. We encourage everyone to use these.


As of 2018, we began having gender-neutral bathrooms. We will try our best to make this happen going forward, wherever possible, depending on the event and venue location.