Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Clarity?

Clarity 2023 is taking place in November 2023.

Are we allowed to share our online ticket access with a friend or colleague?

No. Each attendee must purchase and use their own ticket and account to access the conference. Sharing an account is not allowed.

Are you looking for speakers?

No, sorry. Most speakers are planned for at least a year in advance.

Can I apply to speak at a future event?

Clarity does not do CFPs. All speakers are personally invited. However, you can suggest a speaker, with no guarantees of a speaking engagement.

Are you looking for a sketch note artist, videographer, transcriber, or photographer?

No, sorry. Clarity’s production team takes care of identifying and contracting all of our vendors and services.

Can I volunteer?

Potentially. We usually already have folks confirmed a month before the conference starts. If you let us know about your interest in volunteering via our contact page, and we need more folks, we can let you know.

Can I get a free ticket?

If you apply for the scholarships and are selected, are volunteering, are speaking at Clarity, or are partnering with Clarity as a sponsor, then yes. Otherwise, unfortunately no.

Can I get a discount?

Discount codes when available are shared via our social accounts or mailing list. Some of our event partners also share their own discount codes with their audiences/customers.

Can I just show up?

No. Admission cannot be honored if you just show up without a registration. You must be a registered attendee to be allowed access to the conference.

Can I come to the workshops?

The workshops are not included in the conference tickets. And the conference is not included in the workshop tickets. You need to have registered separately for both to attend both.

Do you have plans for future events?

Yes, there will be more conferences and workshops in the future. Throughout the year we also occasionally host free icebreaker type social events. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified.

Is there a Code of Conduct at Clarity?

Absolutely. All attendees, staff, partners and vendors etc. are required to abide by our Code of Conduct.

View the latest Code of Conduct.

Can I become a partner?

Yes, partners play a big role in helping make Clarity possible each year. Please email for information on how you can partner with Clarity.  

Note: there are no sponsored talks at the conference main stage.