Helen Hou-Sandi

Helen Hou-Sandi
Director of Open Source Initiatives, 10up
Lead Developer, WordPress

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Helen is the Director of Open Source Initiatives at 10up and a Lead Developer for the WordPress open source software project, now powering more than 40% of the web. From her start as a PHP/MySQL applications developer to focusing on "the front-end of the back-end" from both the development and UX perspectives, she has a knack for figuring out what people need to get things done on their websites, including most recently on the relaunch of WhiteHouse.gov for the Biden-Harris Administration.

Although she never knows whether to tell people she's a New Yorker or from Virginia Beach, today Helen is based in San José, Costa Rica with her husband, two kids, and their very close-knit extended family. When not at the computer or hanging out with said family, she can be found at the piano or posting pictures of food she's making.

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