Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith

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Founder of Clarity

2022 Emcee


Jeremy Keith is a mediocre middle-aged white man from Ireland, living in Brighton, England. He works with the splendid design transformation agency, Clearleft, which has been working on design systems since the olden days.

You may know Jeremy from such books as DOM Scripting, Bulletproof Ajax, and HTML5 For Web Designers, Resilient Web Design, and most recently, Going Offline. He’s the curator of the Patterns Day conference—a fun day out for design systems nerds. He also hosts the Clearleft podcast.

Jeremy spends most of his time goofing off on the internet and documenting his time-wasting on, where he has been writing for more than twenty years. He also plays traditional Irish music on the mandolin, and slide bouzouki in the rock band, Salter Cane.