Josh Silverman

Josh Silverman
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Founder of Clarity

2017 Session


Josh Silverman is a designer, entrepreneur, educator, advisor, community builder, and eternal optimist. For 20 years he was the CEO of Schwadesign, a holocratic network of independent experts in brand identity design, content strategy, marketing, and engineering, where he curated and led custom teams of 2 to 25 to meet individual client needs, from startups to Fortune 500 international corporations, cities and national non-profits, artists and community orgs.

He is the first Visual Design Fellow at General Assembly San Francisco, and has taught and guest lectured at CreativeLive, RISD, MassArt, CCA, UCLA, and more.

He is currently in-house at Twitter as their first Design Producer, where he manages and facilitates weekly design critique for 50 designers, is establishing a design education program, and ushering in a new set of principles and systems for the global design and engineering team.

Josh has been recognized for his work in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ReCode, The Boston Globe, Print, and others.

He is based in San Francisco, enjoys cooking, doing anything outside (particularly long cycles), and is working on his first book about first meetings.