Confronting Stigma Traps in Healthcare



Nov 11, 2022
3:15 pm
4:00 pm
Central (UTC-6)
Sheraton New Orleans

Healthcare in the U.S. promises to maintain or improve quality of life by enhancing care while doing “no harm.” And yet, it regularly enforces stigmas. Today, both promise and reality collide in healthcare systems as they grapple with old ways of working, pressures for greater inclusion and equity, and the need to fundamentally reframe core issues. How can we help?

In this insightful and impassioned talk, Ashleigh will identify ways stigmas persist in popular yet problematic healthcare frames, highlight the too-often neglected issues the existing frames obscure, and suggest things we can do as designers and system shapers to help healthcare systems course correct.

You’ll gain a new perspective, learn when not to make it about people, and may even become inspired to help transform healthcare.

Sketch Notes

Confronting Stigma Traps in Healthcare

Artist: Jina Anne