The Building, Scaling, and Evolution of a Design System



Dec 10, 2018
9:30 am
4:30 pm

Product design over the last years has taken a substantial leap forward in progress. We now have multiple tools to choose from for executing our solutions, along with a collection of new responsibilities that each one of us needs to adapt to stay current.

This wave of new challenges is not just for designers, but also for businesses and organizations. Companies are expected to move fast, innovate, all while maintaining a high level of quality, empathy for the end user with a cherry on top, and this is the new normal. To meet these demands, teams from across the world are gravitating to a compelling solution; we call them Design Systems.

In this Workshop, join Drew Bridewell, Senior Design Specialist from InVision, as he will share a wave of packaged up fresh design system content that will help you elevate your thinking around design systems, as well as the practice that goes into successfully implementing one. During this day Drew will introduce the "why" when it comes to design systems, practice how to get started, discuss how patterns can help you, your team, and your organization, finishing on how you can provide best-in-class habits to nurture this system over time.

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The Building, Scaling, and Evolution of a Design System