Speaking at Clarity

A note from Jina on speaker selections:

A ton of folks reach out about speaking at Clarity. I think it’s really great that people are interested in this little event. However, I noticed a trend. About 98% of the people who reach out are cisgender straight white men. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being a cisgender straight white man. But it didn’t make sense to me that almost everyone reaching out fit into this demographic. If I only relied on these requests, this would not make for a very diverse or inclusive event.

Also, most of the people who reach out want to talk about why and how they built a design system at their company. I think it’s safe to say that most people attending this event (especially those who have attended a previous event) are looking for something more than a show and tell.

I made the decision at the very beginning that I will not accept any formal proposals for speaking. I would instead personally curate a line up that would provide a diverse range of perspectives — not just for race and gender — but also in subject matter expertise, experience levels (I love inviting people who are brand new to speaking), healthy differences in opinions, and many other factors. My ideal line up mixes all the things I love about design systems. Brand and visual design, component libraries and documentation, content guidelines, design process and operations, and more.

I’ll be really direct here. Just because you work on a famous design system doesn’t mean you’ll speak at Clarity. If I had 12 show-and-tell presentations, honestly, I think that’d make a really boring conference. There are tons of great conferences that would love for these kinds of talks. But that’s not what I want Clarity to be.

Instead, I want to create an experience that covers a wide range of topics like accessibility, motion and animation, data visualization, performance, illustration — all within the context of design systems, of course. So it’s very likely I will select someone you’ve never heard of, or who works on a design system that isn’t publicly shared, but they bring a really unique perspective to the event. But then I’ll add someone who is very famous just to mix it up a bit. That is what excites me about curation.

There are zero sponsored presentations during the main event. There are only 6 talks in a day, and I don’t think it would do a good service to the attendees. We have done lighting talks during the evening events in the past.

I’m proud that people have called Clarity a very diverse event. But I must admit, I didn’t have to try that hard. The Design Systems community is a very diverse one, and it’s not difficult to find people from all sorts of backgrounds and perspectives.

Suggest a speaker

While I do not allow sponsored presentations, and there is not a Call for Proposals/Presentations, I  did want to provide an opportunity to put someone on my radar. My Design Systems Slack has over 12,000 people in it, so I do discover new people constantly. But there is probably someone amazing out there I don’t know about. So tell me about them! And if you decide to use this form to submit yourself, that’s okay, too. Just understand that this does not guarantee a speaking engagement. It just puts people on my radar for consideration for future events.

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Clarity loves speakers!

If you know me, you know that I’ve spoken at quite a few conferences. When a conference treats me well, I take note. I wanted to provide the best experience I could within my means (as an individual running this conference, rather than a large company with lots of financial support). Each year I try to step it up a little, within my reasonable means.


  • All speakers are paid an honorarium. It’s the same whether you’re a brand new, inexperienced speaker, or a seasoned Keynote speaker. Everyone gets the same amount.
  • Sometimes the speaker waives their honorarium. When this happens, we let them choose whether it goes to the Scholarship Fund, or to use it to help run the event.

Travel & accommodations

  • For speakers who need a place to stay, hotel is provided for the nights before and during the event.
  • For speakers who need flights, trains, buses, or other methods of transportation, the speaker chooses whether they want reimbursement (with receipts and invoice turned in) or to have the bookings done for them.
  • Public transportation receipts can also be turned in and added to the invoice for reimbursement.
  • Sometimes the speaker or their company takes on the cost of travel and accommodations.


  • We used to give a special gift. However, we have switched to giving a self-care reimbursement (for spas, yoga, salons, etc).
  • An exclusive Clarity garment. The first year, speakers received a custom, tastefully branded Clarity scarf. The second year, it was Clarity socks. The third year was beanies. The fourth year was a “Ask me about my design system” t-shirt.

Speaker reception

A speaker reception the night before the conference with tasty food and beverages. This lets the speakers all get to know each other and get their badges and swag bags in advance.

Free pass to future Clarity events

All speakers can attend a future Clarity event for free. If a speaker already bought a pass, they can give the pass to someone else, request a refund and keep their registration, or donate their extra ticket to the scholarship fund.

Special requests

If speakers need childcare, accessibility-related accommodations, or any other special requests, they will be provided if possible.