Decolonizing Your Design System

Unveiling Biases and Revolutionizing Inclusion


Nov 2, 2023
9:30 am
10:00 am
Alamo Drafthouse New Mission

Prepare to confront the truths of design systems in this talk on decolonization. This talk will expose the inherent biases and limitations that hinder inclusivity within traditional design frameworks, challenging you to question the status quo.

Through compelling examples and eye-opening insights, we’ll dissect the flawed foundations of design systems and unveil the consequences of overlooking diverse perspectives. We’ll discuss ways teams can work toward dismantling the barriers perpetuating exclusion.

Get ready to shatter the echo chamber and embrace uncomfortable conversations, pushing the boundaries of your creative process to encompass the voices of the unheard. Attending this talk will give you a renewed sense of urgency, and empower you with the tools and mindset needed to evolve your design system and make real strides toward a more inclusive future. It’s time to disrupt the status quo and build design systems that genuinely reflect the diversity of our world.

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Decolonizing Your Design System