How to Create Human-Centered Design Systems



Sep 1, 2020
9:00 am
12:00 pm

So, you have a design system. Perhaps you’ve done an audit, set up tooling, and pulled a few various design files into a master pattern library. So many design system makers, like us, have gone through these steps, but still struggle to see our design systems take off in the way that we hope.

What we’ve been forgetting is the human side of design systems!

Join Nick Hahn & Zoe Adelman of InVision’s Design System Consulting team, where you’ll identify the practical methods that help you identify how to evolve and scale your design system, specifically focusing on the human-centered side of design systems.

  • Design System Adoption Plans
  • Champions & Contribution Model
  • Governance Systems

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How to Create Human-Centered Design Systems