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Clarity is a design systems conference focused on how we work together. We provide tools and standards to scale across an increasing number of devices, platforms, and products. But real success comes when people align around a shared vision and language. Diverse perspectives for design, development, and product unite so more people can be a part of the conversation. At Clarity, we elevate our skills through multi-faceted inclusion, empathy, technology, creativity, and collaboration.

Clarity returns with a new way to experience this design systems conference:

Clarity Online

An online conference September 2–4, with workshops as additional options before and after the event. Experience the conference and special surprises from the comfort of home.

The design systems community across the globe will come together and connect on a scale never before seen at Clarity.


Design systems advocates and developers from across the world come together for 3 days to explore the evolving world of design systems and how we use them to work together. Now in its 5th year, Clarity aims to continue to be the design systems conference that gives the community the tools they need to create better design systems for inclusion, empathy, technology, creativity, and collaboration.


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Wed, Sept 2

10:00 am
The Design Systems Spiral
Jina Anne

In many tutorials about design systems, the process to begin shows a linear, step-by-step recipe — planning and research, then designing, then developing, then distributing, and finally, then maintaining. But does it ever really work that way?

In this session, Clarity founder, Jina, will finally be presenting a talk at this event; she will discuss her thoughts on how we talk about design systems, and reconciling that with the real-world realities of what we really face when we do this work.

11:15 am
The Importance of Perspective
Ben Colar

While in the weeds of a design project, it’s easy to lose track of an overall objective. Especially if you’re only responsible for a small piece of that objective. But design should always come from a perspective. Usually that perspective is developed at the origin of the brand. In this session, Ben will go through the process of developing a brand perspective, and how that can affect design decisions down the road.

12:00 pm
Catt Small

With a Lunch & Learn provided by InVision

1:30 pm
Accessibility beyond color contrast
Allison Shaw

You've heard about accessibility, and people keep talking about making products more inclusive. But what does that mean? Why does it matter? And how do you do it? Can design systems help? In this talk, we’ll go beyond simple color contrast to understand foundational accessibility and inclusion principles. You’ll leave with concrete steps you can take to make your products more accessible and inclusive without dedicated resources.

2:45 pm
Design Systems as a Service: keeping your customers happy
Alex Skougarevskaya

You’ve got a design system, now what? At Atlassian we’ve evolved what it means to create, adopt, and maintain a design system over the past 5 years, from a product for products, to a service for people. In this talk, I'll dig deep into who the consumers of our systems are, and some of the things we've done (some that worked, others that didn't) to meet their needs.

thu, Sept 3

8:00 am
10:00 am
The Systems of Design
Asia Hoe

Design, and in turn, Design Systems, are innately political. When done well, design makes products and services more accessible, inclusive, and equitable. But what about the systems that enable and teach us the expression of design? Looking at everything from the software and hardware we use, to the internet service providers that enable us to enjoy cloud based software, this talk reveals the inequity in the systems that power design, and what we can do about it to enable a brighter, more diverse, and more inclusive future.

11:15 am
Designing for Happiness
Sam Kapila

How do you design for happiness? How do you design for an app where the most important action happens outside of the app? We'll dive into how different parts of a mobile design system started coming together in an MVP and the way happiness became part of collaboration.

12:00 pm
Catt Small

With a Lunch & Learn provided by Zeplin

1:30 pm
Calculating Color: Dynamic Theming With CSS Variables
Una Kravets

Did you know that you can build custom dynamic color themes without the use of JavaScript or a CSS preprocessor!? With the magic of CSS Custom Properties, HSL colors, and some calc() fun, you too can create custom theming with no dependencies. In this talk, Una will show you how.

2:45 pm
Design Systems, or: How I learned to stop fighting and love the team
Natalya Shelburne
Tim Shelburne

Why do we still hear about the gap between design and engineering, given that design systems exist? Because, like any other partnership, design systems take work. Natalya (designer!) and Tim (engineer...) have worked together for over a decade, and are still married!

This talk cuts through the noise to honestly and practically discuss working across disciplines, respecting the talents of your teammates, and enabling everyone to contribute to a common goal.

Fri, Sept 4

8:00 am
10:00 am
Designing teams. Designing systems.
Farai Madzima

The language we use to describe effective design systems seems so similar to the language we use to describe how effective teams work.

“Authentic and genuine principles”, “a shared language”, “clear channels of communication”, “clear governance structures”, “frequent checkups”.

See what I mean? Read any decent article or book on effective design systems or effective teams and these 👆🏾 concepts are gonna come up. Why? Because a team is also a system. It’s just that we don’t think of it that way, because its “people stuff”. So we avoid it. Because “people stuff” is “hard”.

I’d like to convince you otherwise. In this talk I’ll share practical tips on how any team can become more effective when it thinks of itself as a system. Not only that, I’ll show how to do this using some of the core principles and techniques we already know, love, and use to build effective design systems.

You don’t have to be a lead or a manager to make your team more inclusive and effective. You just need to care about design, systems, and people. That’s why you’re here right?

11:15 am
Creating Inclusive Content: Why it Matters
Brittney Ball

Have you ever attempted to learn something new only to find that most of the content was either too hard to follow/understand and or left you more confused than when you first started, too technical, or doesn’t hold your attention? 

This talk will get into why inclusive content is important, how to make sure the content creating is inclusive, and how creators, learners, and companies can all benefit from inclusive content.

1:30 pm
An Introduction to Multi-Platform Design Systems
Daniel Banks

You already have amazing design systems with battle-tested components, thorough documentation, and a frictionless developer experience - there's just one small problem: it's web-only. Let's expand our design systems thinking to create a cohesive multi-platform experience that works for customers and creators. In this talk we will explore the environments, ergonomics, and economics of building design systems on multiple platforms.

2:45 pm
Alison Rand

Design Systems and Design Operations are often conflated, with good reason. The two are inextricably tied, each building off a mutually beneficial holistic system with the whole greater than the sum of its parts. The symbiotic relationship enables higher-performing teams, a more efficient workflow, and allows companies to better understand design to drive business impact, and directly impact the customer experience.


Deep Dive on Design Tokens
2:00 pm
6:00 pm
Operating Design Systems
12:00 pm
4:00 pm
Operating Design Systems (2nd group)
12:00 pm
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