Be a Better Partner to Developers

a Relationship Workshop for Designers


Oct 26, 2021
1:00 pm
5:00 pm

Are you tired of throwing comps over the metaphorical wall and seeing the details lost in the actual build? Do the developers you work with always say you're sending unrealistic designs and they don't have time to build them like you want?

There are better ways to make digital products. In this workshop for mid-level to senior web designers, you’ll learn how to be a better design partner to your developers and drastically reduce the time to ship while improving the quality of your work—and the health of your team.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn about true designer/developer collaboration—attendees will learn how to kill the waterfall process and see what a true Agile process that actually involves designers can look like
  • Learn how to get out of the artifacts game—this workshop will cover how to get into real product environments faster, allowing teams to create work that is truer to the medium while bypassing many unnecessary design artifacts
  • Drastically cut down on product design time by introducing a more efficient design/dev process that saves time and money while simultaneously improving product quality
  • Learn how to work better together—Creating great digital work is truly a team effort where each discipline brings their respective strengths to the process. This workshop will help enable designers to get closer to the code and include developers to be critical participants in the design process.

Attend if you are:

  • A designer that works with one or more developers on the same team
  • A designer that works on different teams within the same company
  • An agency designer that works with many developers
  • A product designer that works with many developers
  • A design lead or manager who can help evangelize and implement a new, more collaborative process with other teams

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Be a Better Partner to Developers