No Need for Bridges

How Design Technologists Dissolve the Design and Engineering Gap


Oct 28, 2021
1:15 pm
1:45 pm

At this point, we’ve probably all frequently heard the phrase “design and engineering gap”, especially in the world of design systems. There are tools, books, blog posts, and talks all built around trying to bridge this gap, but what if the key to creating more cohesive and inclusive teams is really the people within those teams? Instead of bridging a gap, what if we eliminate it altogether with a group of people called Design Technologists. They’re typically familiar with design and research best practices, yet also talented at creating accessible, scalable components with APIs that engineering teams can easily understand and utilize. They understand the language of both worlds already, so why not lean into this role and mindset when creating design systems with a shared language. 

Let’s discuss what exactly Design Technology entails, how this role creates stronger teams and tighter connections across an organization, and how everyone can think like a Design Technologist, regardless of their title.

Sketch Notes

No Need for Bridges

Artist: Catt Small