Beyond Components

Art Direction + Design Systems


Aug 19, 2019
9:30 am
4:30 pm
Adobe at 100 Hooper

Design Systems are not new, and now that we have the tools to superpower our layouts, we can start to reimagine how we approach art direction and design on the web. In this Workshop, join Mina Markham as she expands design systems thinking beyond creating components.

Working along with Mina you’ll learn how to create a system that’s:

  • Localized for an increasingly global audience;
  • Powered by feature queries;
  • Built accessible from the start;
  • Incorporates CSS Grid based layouts; and
  • Refactored from a legacy codebase.

Drawing from her work for two major design systems, Mina walks through her process for enhancing design and shows how little changes lead to big payoffs.

Sketch Notes

Beyond Components